What We Offer


Development of Business to Business Distributed Software Applications

We can provide computerized solutions that connect multiple businesses together such as the connection between Payment gateways (e.g. Paypal) and the Commercial Banks (e.g. Barclays Bank e.t.c.).


Development of Windows Desktop Software Applications

For example, we create solutions that help a business monitor their Inventory or stock levels, reducing theft from pilfering employees and manual stock keeping mistakes e.t.c.

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Development of native and web mobile applications

As there is a great shift towards mobile devices as a medium for keeping clients engaged and loyal to a brand, we create solutions that you can use in managing your affairs or company’s affairs from your mobile device.

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Educational Portal (EduPortal) Solutions

Educational Portal (EduPortal) solutions are among the numerous solutions that Contracts and Consulting Company Limited has in its repository. The portal has been designed to help automate all the manual and laborious tasks that the management of colleges and universities often undertake.

Development of Telecommunications Messaging applications


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Practical-Based Training on Web Technologies and Relational Database


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Business and Management Consulting Services


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